The design and detailing stage is crucial to the whole project.

The experienced engineers at ob体育游戏 work directly with clients to ensure a cost-effective and successful design is undertaken.

We use specialised Tekla 3D modeling software, which enables the project to be drawn and viewed.

Decisions made at the design stage influence every other step in the project. We are proud of the quality and expertise of all our design and detailing work.

Steel Detailing

Steel detailers interpret engineers and architects drawings to produce detailed drawings for steel fabricators and steel erectors. These drawings include the specifications and location of each steel component in the entire structure such as steel beams, braces, joists, trusses and columns. Total accuracy is crucial in these drawings. Steel detailers design two types of drawings: shop drawings and erection drawings.

Shop drawings show the specifications relating to every steel component that needs to be fabricated. These drawings will be used by the steel fabrication team to make the pieces according to material and surface specifications, component dimensions and other details relating to welding, painting and bolting.

Erection drawings include the precise location of each steel component in the structure and instructions for their installation. These drawings are used by the erection team to install all the fabricated steel components.


  • Detailed drawings for all parts
  • Detailed erection plans
  • Clear shop drawings
  • 3D sketches templates for rfi’s
  • Full-scale templates for complex layouts
  • Isometric details of complex connections
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